Birding in the San Juans, with Otters Pond Bed & Breakfast as Home

March 28, 2021

Great Blue Heron on Otters Pond

The San Juan Islands is a magical place to explore for anyone who hopes to spot a diverse array of Western Washington’s birds and raptors, especially in the warmer months of April through August. As the ocean warms up and light spring rains persist, the small and spritely kingfishers appear on the sea, great blue heron erupt on the shallow tide pools of the islands’ Salish shores, and the vibrant, colorful wood ducks make their nests for spring ducklings in the fresh water ponds and lakes inland. Rufous Humming Bird Resting on Otters Pond Pine Rufous hummingbirds return from their winter warmer climate pilgrimage down south, filling the island’s feeders and blooming pollen-drenched flowers with buzz and excitement. Impressive bald eagles nurse their young, and can be spotted in abundance, bathing and scavenging the island’s surfaces.

A stay of any duration at Otters Pond Bed & Breakfast during the bird season promises the perfect blend of serenity, deep night’s sleep, delicious breakfasts, and front row seat to nature’s avian theater. You won’t have to squint to witness nature’s magic here- rest at the fire tables on the decking overlooking the pond for breakfast, or take a blissful soak in the covered hot tub overlooking the lily pads and gold iris, which become perfect props for birds and amphibians as they grow and bloom. Wander the grounds by water’s edge among the reeds to take in the music and memorable sights.

Bald Eagle Preparing for a Bath on Otters Pond in Spring

Thoughtful amenities abound for guests seeking relaxation and nature at this boutique inn. Each room at Otters Pond Bed & Breakfast has a unique layout in which to relax; enjoy sweeping pond views of the west facing suites and serine forest facing portals open to pine cross-breezes facing east. All suites have their own private bathroom, some with clawfoot soaking tubs and some with duel head walk-in showers. There is free and fast wi-fi for all guests at the property. Otters Pond View From Swan Room Breakfast is prepared each morning by the owner herself, a CIA-trained chef who cooks with her hen’s freshly laid eggs, dairy and meats from the island’s bountiful farms, and herbs and vegetables from her organic garden. The best thing for nature’s nuts and avian enthusiasts (besides the sprawling bird pond at the property) is that Otters Pond Bed and Breakfast is just a stone’s throw from Moran State Park, which is packed to the brim with beautiful hiking trails, pristine lakes, cascading waterfalls and a mountain peak (Mt. Constitution) boasting 360 degree panoramic views of the San Juan Islands and everything between mighty Mount Baker and stunning Mount Rainier.

Otters Pond Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place to stay when checking your San Juan Islands birding trip off your bucket list, if the inn isn’t the bucket list in and of itself. Book direct at for best rates and to support this local, ecologically responsible, LGBTQ & woman-owned business.